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Thousands of people are being forced out of their homes to make way for
commercial agriculture. They receive little or no compensation for
the loss of their land and homes, and are forced into villages without the basic facilities for new people.

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Category: News | Views: 1301 | Date: 03.02.2012

The International Green Week (IGW) is an international exhibition
for the food, agricultural and horticultural industries.
Established in 1926, it will take place for the 77th time in 2012.

Producers from all over the world use the IGW to test-market food and luxury
items establishing brand images. Right in line with consumer trends, the
IGW also includes direct agricultural sales and the BIO MARKT organic products section.

Category: News | Views: 932 | Date: 25.01.2012

2011 International Conference on Future Environment and
(ICFEE 2011) will be held in Sanya, China during  March 25-27, 2011.

It is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and
fundamental advances in the fields of Future Environment and Energy.
It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners
working in the scientific areas
to improve Environment and Energy related techniques.

Category: News | Views: 752 | Date: 16.02.2011

The 10th European Forum on Eco-Innovation will bring together key
players in business, academia, finance, policy and green groups. It
will present business case studies on sustainable material management,
encourage innovation through cross fertilisation between disciplines and sectors,
identify and prioritise the key issues that need to be addressed by Government and EU action.

Category: News | Views: 1041 | Date: 11.02.2011

Ecologic Events, powered by the Ecologic Institute, is organizing many international
environmental conferences and workshops. Its Ecologic Conference Team provides
Ecologic's research staff with professional assistance and support in event organization.

On site of the Ecologic Events you can find additional information on Ecologic's
Conference Team as well as on upcoming and previously organized events, including
programs, presentations and background papers. Please be aware that some of

the documents are available in the original language of the primary event and in translation.

Category: News | Views: 833 | Date: 20.01.2011

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