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Goldman Environmental Prize 2011 recipients have tackled some of the
most pressing environmental issues of the day through grassroots
efforts, helping to educate and motivate local communities
to get involved in the effort to protect the natural environment around them.

Find 2011 winners here.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 922 | Date: 19.04.2011

Join the Observer's Ethical Awards for 2011: whether it's your green minded local
grocer, school recycling project or global brand with sustainability at its heart,
this is your chance to vote for the people and companies putting the environment first.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 800 | Date: 20.01.2011

Global Green Millennium Awards have been established in 1996 to

honor individuals and organizations who recognize the important

connection between humankind and nature, to celebrate their

success and inspire others to make such exceptional behavior the norm.

They are presented annually in Los Angeles.

Get more information about 14th Annual Millenium Awards on June 12, 2010.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 738 | Date: 16.06.2010

The Green Business Awards celebrate excellence in green practices,
strategies and products. They seek out the most innovative and
ambitious initiatives by UK business for achieving environmental
sustainability, and implementing smart business practices. They are
the "Green Globes" and are the UK's most comprehensive awards on the subject.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 738 | Date: 26.05.2010

Eco Japan Cup is partnership event organized jointly by the
Environmental Business Women, Sumitomo Mitsui
Banking Corporation, Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Internal
Affairs, Japan. It is the contest for unearthing and growing seeds of green business.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 796 | Date: 01.05.2010

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