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Zoom in on this map examining human impact
on the environment in Africa, from National Geographic's Maps division.

Category: Footprint | Views: 906 | Date: 04.12.2010

The 2010 Data Tables contain the Ecological Footprint and the
biocapacity results for more than 100 nations, based upon
data from 2007, the most recent year for which source data are available.

Category: Footprint | Views: 786 | Date: 20.11.2010

The project is looking for people willing to try out the EUREAPA tool
and is keen to shadow organisations which develop policy
interventions or perform policy analysis. Through the testing phase you
will gain clearer understanding of how the tool's results can support your work.

For example, you may want to use EUREAPA's results to enhance policy
analysis work by including the carbon, water and ecological footprint
of consumption across different goods and services from different economic sectors.

Category: Footprint | Views: 807 | Date: 11.11.2010

This report provides pre-modelling assessment of the Footprint Indicators and
their usefulness in evaluating progress towards EU and international policy objectives.
   Download the report here.

Category: Footprint | Views: 695 | Date: 11.11.2010

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