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This group is created for people interested in green technologies,
products, projects and opportunities in China.

At the current moment (April 2011), the group has more than 850 members.

Category: Groups | Views: 832 | Date: 18.04.2011

GreenITers group is for people who want to “Green it!” the
world we are living in via clean technologies
This group is open to anyone that can share new ways and
ideas to escalate the use of clean technologies for greener global society
Visit GreenITers website and free join green social network on Ning platform

All resources are managed by Flavio Souza   

Category: Groups | Views: 958 | Date: 03.10.2009

The group for green-minded professionals interested
in aligning environmental responsibility with business success.
Discuss key issues and get answers to pressing questions from thousands of colleagues.

At the current moment (July 2009), more than 14000 members.

Category: Groups | Views: 783 | Date: 22.07.2009

Green is for those who want to share ideas on
environment, climate change, renewable
energy, clean tech, sustainability, CSR and Green issues.

At the current moment (July 2009), more than 53000 members.

Category: Groups | Views: 793 | Date: 21.07.2009

Tweet worldwide about the advanced green strategies,

industries, technologies, products and services.

Advertise free these solutions, and move, transfer them through

the national borders. Join the freshly created Greeny Tweets group on LinkedIn.

Category: Groups | Views: 804 | Date: 03.02.2009

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