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Friends of Nature (FON) is the oldest environmental NGO in China.

For more information about FON, its various activities and campaigns,
as well as ways you can contribute to China's environmentally
sustainable development, explore English and Chinese versions of  FON's site.

Category: Resources | Views: 804 | Date: 18.04.2011

China Dialogue is the bilingual (English & Chinese) source of high quality
news, analysis and discussions on all environmental issues, with special focus on China.

Category: Resources | Views: 811 | Date: 18.04.2011

Founded in 2008, the China Greentech Initiative (CGTI) has rapidly grown
to become the only China-international collaboration platform of 100+
organizations, focused on identifying, developing and promoting green technology
solutions in China. Partnering organizations are technology buyers and sellers,
service providers, investors and policy makers. Built on two cornerstones,
strategic market research and the network of 200+ industry experts, CGTI provides
participating organizations with world-class market insights and partnering opportunities.

Pre-order The China Greentech Report 2011 here.

Category: Resources | Views: 699 | Date: 18.04.2011

Though mainstream economic measures such as GDP are useful and have great
influence on both public and private decisions, they are flawed as the
measure of human welfare. In addition, they give little information
as to whether economic activity is helping Europe to make progress
towards its environmental goals and its commitment to sustainable development.

There is, then, the need in Europe for indicators and measurement systems that
provide useful assessment of progress towards the simultaneous aims of
economic success, human welfare, environmental protection and long-term
sustainability. The goal of IN-STREAM is to bridge the gap between these types of indicators
and to disseminate the results to policy makers, economists, journalists and the public at large.

Category: Resources | Views: 769 | Date: 01.04.2011

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