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Konarka builds products that convert light to energy, anywhere.
It is the leading developer of polymer photovoltaic
technologies that provide the source of renewable power in various
form factors for
commercial, industrial, government and consumer applications.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 405 | Date: 25.05.2009

New York City's Dragonfly Vertical Farm by Vincent Callebaut.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 456 | Date: 25.05.2009

By Jerry James Stone, TreeHugger (May 21, 2009)

Category: Articles & Books | Views: 399 | Date: 25.05.2009

Pencils made from recycled newspapers.
By O'BON, the Home of the World's Greatest Pencils.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 416 | Date: 25.05.2009

Let's go on the way to United Green Nations!
Let's go on the way to United Free & Open Nations!

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 437 | Date: 25.05.2009

Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, has advanced with the semiglobal
green initiative named " Permaculture EMEA Boundaryless". According
to this initiative, technologies, products and services connected with permaculture
will be transfered through the boundaries of EMEA's countries (from Iceland to
Russia, from Norway to SAR) without proprietary, custom and other artificial obstacles.

Category: Fibs | Views: 922 | Date: 25.05.2009

Max Gladwell is the nexus of social media and green living.
Its mission is to cover the mix of technologies, humanity, Web 2.0 and sustainability.

Category: Media | Views: 399 | Date: 25.05.2009

TreeHugger is the leading media
outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.

Category: Media | Views: 376 | Date: 25.05.2009

By Roberta Cruger, TreeHugger (May 24, 2009)

Category: Articles & Books | Views: 460 | Date: 25.05.2009

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