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By Paolo Paster, TreeHugger (May 26, 2009)

Category: Articles & Books | Views: 402 | Date: 28.05.2009

By Paolo Paster, TreeHugger (May 18, 2009)

Category: Articles & Books | Views: 401 | Date: 28.05.2009

The Green Organisation is an independent, non-political,
non-activist, non-profit environment group dedicated to recognising,
rewarding and promoting the best environmental practices around the world.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 366 | Date: 28.05.2009

Chateau Mcely has gained the World Travel Awards 2008 Oscar in the travel
industry, in the green hotel category and thus has become The World’s Leading Green Hotel.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 356 | Date: 28.05.2009

World Travel Awards serve to acknowledge, reward and
celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 316 | Date: 28.05.2009

Eco Collection is the prominent tableware made
primarily from bamboo fibers with the earth based resins.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 349 | Date: 28.05.2009

EZ Bagz is the revolutionary patented

bag-in-bag system that takes the hassle out of taking the trash out.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 329 | Date: 28.05.2009

Ecolect's mission is to help designers,
architects and builders to discover eco-material alternatives.

Category: Resources | Views: 402 | Date: 28.05.2009

MicroGreen Polymers' mission is to commercialize its patented
solid-state microcellular expansion, Ad-Air technology.
This technology significantly reduces financial (at 75%) and
ecological costs of many plastic products, while enhancing performance.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 332 | Date: 28.05.2009

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