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The Earth Journalism Awards (EJA) organisers would like to thank the
907 journalists, bloggers and young creatives from 148
countries who have sent their best climate change reports in the lead
up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen (COP15).

All the EJA winners will be invited to cover the negotiations at this conference.

Category: Prizes & Awards | Views: 655 | Date: 26.09.2009

Seal the Deal! is an UN campaign calling for the fair, balanced and
effective post-Kyoto climate agreement at the
UN Climate Change Conference, to be held in December 2009, Copenhagen.

Category: News | Views: 668 | Date: 26.09.2009

Nearly 100 world leaders accepted UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s
invitation to participate in an historic Summit on Climate Change
in New York on 22 September to mobilize political will and strengthen
momentum for the ambitious climate deal in Copenhagen, December 2009.

Category: News | Views: 661 | Date: 26.09.2009

When people lead, leaders follow!
Sign the UN Climate Petition
and become the citizen of Hopenhagen.

Get more information about COP15, December 2009.

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In December 2009, Denmark will host  the United Nations
Climate Change Summit
(Copenhagen, COP15).
To emphasise the importance of sustainable climate
solutions, Danish government has  launched the
COP15 Climate Scholarship for highly qualified students.

Get more information about master programs in the climate field.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 584 | Date: 26.09.2009

Welcome to United Nations Climate Change 15th
, December 7-18, 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark (COP15).

Read more About COP15.
Follow COP15 on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
See Proposal for Copenhagen Agreement by Members of the NGO Community.

Category: News | Views: 601 | Date: 26.09.2009

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