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Innovalight has achieved new record of 19 percent conversion efficiency
with silicon ink processed solar cells. Conversion efficiency of solar
cells is the proportion of sunlight energy that cells convert into electrical energy.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 491 | Date: 08.05.2010

According to Louisiana Tech University, the technology is based on
new voltage regulation circuits that can convert piezoelectric
charges into usable voltage for charging batteries or for directly powering electronics.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 486 | Date: 08.05.2010

The first On-Line Electric Vehicle (OLEV) in the world has kicked off in South
Korea, specifically at the Seoul Zoo in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province. The
OLEV is the brainchild of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Technology (KAIST), where it will receive all the juice required to get moving
from an electric facility underground without having to rely on surface power lines.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 460 | Date: 08.05.2010

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