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LIFE Community Forum is intended to promote discussion and exchange on issues
relating to the LIFE programme and projects. Participation in the Forum is open
to members of the LIFE community, which includes all those who have direct
involvement in the programme (as beneficiaries, Commission officials, external
assistance teams, national contact points, LIFE committee members, and more). All
other interested persons are also invited: please join this Forum and use it to make LIFE better.

Category: Networks | Views: 648 | Date: 15.06.2010

LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature

conservation projects throughout the EU, as well as in some candidate,

acceding and neighbouring countries. Since 1992, LIFE has cofinanced more than

3100 projects, contributing approximately €2 billion to the protection of the environment.

Category: Resources | Views: 420 | Date: 15.06.2010

The Official Nokia Blog (June 02, 2010)

Nokia has unveiled its latest green initiative in launching new Eco Profile.
From now on, every new device will have an Eco Profile that
includes information on the device’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Category: Prominent Green | Views: 447 | Date: 15.06.2010

Top 7 EcoFriendly Blogs with an "Energy" Focus, by Energy Authority (May 03, 2010)

Category: Media | Views: 558 | Date: 15.06.2010

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