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By Lauren Etter, The Wall Street Journal (July 17, 2010)
In the USA, road asphalt is replaced by cheaper gravel. "Back to the Stone Age".

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Annual Green Economics Conference

Thursday July 29, 2010 to Saturday July 31, 2010

Mansfield College & Oxford University Club, Oxford University, UK

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In 1972, three scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created the computer model to analyze global resource consumption and production. Their results have shocked the world and created the stirring conversation about global "overshoot", or resource use beyond carrying capacity of the planet. Now, preeminent environmental scientists Donnella Meadows, Jorgen Randers and Dennis Meadows have teamed up again to update and expand their original findings in The Limits to Growth: The 30 Year Update.

Free download the Russian version of this book, 2007 edition, here (DjVu format).

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For 26 years, Chelsea Green is the publishing leader for books on
the politics and practice of sustainable living. It is the founding
member of the Green Press Initiative and has been printing books
on recycled paper since 1985, when its first list of books has appeared.

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